Locksmith tools

A good locksmith has to have a wide range of tools at his disposal. Many of these tools are specific to this trade, while other tools are more common among the general public. If you are interested in knowing which are the tools most used by locksmiths, you just have to keep reading.

But before going into details, we want to say that a locksmith uses dozens of tools. As he uses so many, we will focus on seeing the most important information, so as not to extend the article too much and make it very boring.

It is one of the tools most used by locksmiths and one of the best known all over the world. Any locksmith must have in his possession a complete case with different picks. Thanks to these tools, the professional can open a door in a much simpler and faster way. And most importantly, the picks allow this job to be done without damaging the door. Within this range we can find a great variety of models and sizes. Depending on each case, the locksmith must use some locks or other.

We will show you some of the most important varieties within the section of the picks.

The Rakes picks are one of the most famous varieties. This tool is used to manipulate the pistons at the same time of the great majority of locks. This way you can open a lock quite easily.

The Diamond picks allow you to manipulate the pistons individually or together. They are perfect for the most complicated locks.

The hooks Hooks are perfect to manipulate those pistons one by one. Its design is quite similar to the diamond.

The tension lock Wrench is the tool that is used to force the lock to turn, to get the lock to yield and open. That is, it is used in combination with the previous ones.

As we have said, there are many more alternatives in the market, but these are usually the ones most used by professionals. Although if the lock is complicated, then other varieties of ganzúa are usually used.

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Percussion keys

This variety of keys is a very useful tool for the locksmith and gives very good results. Moreover, many locksmiths have told us that they are the most useful tools when opening a door.

These percussion keys must be used next to a hammer. Thanks to this system, the locksmiths can open a lock easily through the bumping method. Of course, as thieves also use this system to open the doors, today more and more are the locks that can not be opened through this system because they are anti bumping.

On the other hand, we can say that there are percussion keys for safety cylinders as well as for serrated cylinders.

Cylinder extractor

It is a tool that only has a single purpose. This tool is used by the locksmiths to remove the cylinders from the lock in a simple and effortless way.

As you well know, the cylinder is the key piece in a lock, if it does not work properly, the lock will not work well. For this reason, it is very important that if the cylinder has any type of fault, take it out to repair it. In this case, this tool is used, which is very simple to use by professionals.

With this tool locksmiths can extract European cylinders, oval and round without problems, hence it is a tool that should not be missing in any case of a locksmith.

In the most complicated cases, this tool can also be used in conjunction with a cylinder cutter or rope cutter, which are also tools used by locksmiths.

Spinner connector
It is another of the most used tools by locksmith professionals. This tool can be used for many things, although it is usually used to align the spin of the bowlers. Thanks to this tool, the opening of the doors is much simpler.


It is a tool used by locksmiths to perform a large number of jobs. Not only to install locks on the doors, but to be able to open or remove locks.

In order to do a good job, the locksmith must have good bits of different sizes, in order to get the necessary tool for each occasion.


It is another tool that should not be missing in the toolbox of a good locksmith. This tool helps the locksmith to put nails, hold locks and above all is very used to open doors through the percussion keys.

Other tools that locksmiths use.
Many of the tools you can have at home are also used by locksmiths to do their job well.