The keyless locksmith

He got on the bike, a scooter that lacked power to carry a type of its dimensions. It was summer, he wore shorts, he put everything in his pockets and went to dinner with friends … But his smartphone of more than 500 dollars did not resist the close contact with his abrasive travel companions. The keys had left their sharp trail across the screen. How to solve the problem, regardless of buying another phone? An alternative was to reduce the number of objects to be transported in a narrow summer pocket. For example: “What if I put the keys in the mobile?”

Willing to answer the question, He  left his position as director of marketing at a dairy company and set out on his way to San Francisco two years ago following the usual path of the Silicon Valley pilgrims, that moves the obsession to find novel solutions to occasional problems.

And that’s how He started working , the name of his product. He projected a totally new lock that opened with the phone. The first survey was not too flattering: “In New york everyone told me it was a fantastic idea. But when I asked if they would buy it, they told me no. ” The last attempt was with his old business school “They assured me that it did not make sense and that, at best, the doors would open with the voice but never with the telephone”. After a first market study, deeper than the consultation of acquaintances, he realized that there was no point in trying it in Europe. “Each country has a different type of lock and different legislation. I needed a big market to put it to the test, “he says to justify his jump to San Francisco.

Although his profile is far from the typical twenty-year-old entrepreneur from Stanford who predominates in Silicon, He is not new to the country. He studied the race, with a scholarship to play basketball, in Chicago. That’s why he decided to return, but to the west coast, the place where “the world is really changing”.

Every morning he arrives at a coworking, an old industrial building covered in wood and with brick walls in which locals with the air of a Hawaiian hut host startups in search of fortune. There, near the train that joins San Francisco with the Valley, there are also venture capital funds on which much of the success depends. Everything happens to know how to tell in a few minutes the story of each one and the reasons why they should invest: “Here is very different. In Spain they look at you as if you were crazy. Here when they say I trust you [I trust you] you already have a lot of livestock. ”